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Luxury Never Felt So Good!

A Vacation for Them, Peace of Mind for You!

What We Do Is Done From Love...

100's of Hours of Love

Real Grass



We Deliver the Goods!

Each play pen is custom designed for sanitation and safety. Your pup will feel safe, warm, and well-loved during their stay with us.

We are here to serve them! Your dog deserves an uncharacteristic depth of commitment and attention. And that's what our certified staff delivers every single day!

We believe our customers’ dogs are family members. We view them as deserving of respect and loving care. At Little Dogs our goal is to improve the lives of dogs and their owners in all situations. Dogs are full of unconditional love. And it’s our duty to give some of that back. When you see in a customer’s eyes the look they get when they really understand that we care about their dogs just the way they do - when they really know that it’s true - well that’s a feeling that’s hard to describe. It’s fulfilling, it’s heartwarming. It’s the combination of immense trust and honorable service that makes us so proud of what we do. And it drives us to constantly be looking for ways to improve.

And that’s why we do it. This is our story and this is Little Dogs!

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To Make It Easy...

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We have an easy, two-step process for our prospective Sleep Over clients...

1Step 1: As our way of starting the relationship with you and your pup on the right paw, we’d like to give you a FREE GIFT:
An eye opening article “Bad Dog or Bored Dog” that will help you understand your dog's behavior on a whole new level.

2Step 2: Let's Meet! Come see how we do it. We call it a Meet & Greet! This time is set aside for us to meet you and for you to see the facility. We really want to get to know your hopes for your dog so we can customize the best plan of care for them. We’ll answer any questions you have and make it a snap to book your first stay. You can see first hand how much FUN & Learning all the dogs are having and how our professional staff takes extra care to help your dog lead it's best life!

PLUS We are so sure you will love it here, when the tour is over we'll tell you how you can get a free day pass.

ORIf you'd like to learn more about what dog enrichment is and why it's the best way to have your dog live the life they want, check out how fun learning can be!


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