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Babysitting vs. Kindergarten - Dogs that are LEARNING in an engaging, structured environment feel loved and act like it. Just like human kids, structure, fun, and engagement help development and contentment. A day of play is far more than play at Little Dogs.

The Safe Place
For Your Little Dogs

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We love your dog just like you do! Family is the word, the only word to describe the relationship we have with every little dog that makes Little Dogs their second home.
Your dog gives unconditional love and deserves our very best! It's not a stretch to say we are crazy about dogs!

Happy Pet Parents Just Like You!

  • For over 10 years, we have been taking Chloe to Little Dogs Resort and Salon. This has always been a lovely experience. It is always sad when we have to leave her, but the caring and friendliness of the staff brings tremendous peace of mind. They love these little fur babies!
    Pat & Rick Walsh
  • The best place on the planet for your little babies! I've been bringing my dogs here since 2005. Love you guys!
    Adrienne Fugett
  • Thank you for treating our little man like family. He loves it there and gets so excited when we arrive everyday! Thanks for all you do for everyone’s fur are amazing!
    Annette Lowder
  • Best place around for your little dogs!!!
    Stacie Hadley Nelson
  • Little Dogs is the best!! I checked out 5 or 6 other daycares before finding Little Dogs. the place is clean, set up just for little dogs and provides love and structure to my dog. my dog can't wait to go to daycare and play with his furry and non furry friends.
    Teresa Burton
  • My miniature poodle has been going to Little Dogs for daycare once a week and grooming once a month, for over 4 years. I have only needed to board him once though. Any concerns or needs I express are handled immediately with the utmost care and respect. The staff is absolutely wonderful and are true dog lovers. The dogs are separated by size, temperament, and activity levels so the tiny or more reticent dogs don't get overwhelmed by any of the more outgoing pups (all dogs at Little Dogs are under 30 lbs). The entire facility is pet friendly, with the dogs being allowed up on the furniture. They keep it meticulously clean and neat. This place is fantastic and I am always recommending it to anyone with smaller fur babies.
    Nannette Maison
  • We, especially Kirby , LOVE Little Dogs!!! Each day I drop him off he starts getting excited several blocks away!!!
    Holly Young

A Tired Dog
Is A Happy Dog!

Stay! Play! Fun! They're Worth It

We provide a loving, fun atmosphere staffed with experts that literally dream of ways to enrich your dog's life!

Learning, Guidance, & Companionship

Overnight Care & Enrichment give your dog the skills they need to be happy, stress-free, and easy to be with.

What They Truly Deserve

Tired dogs are HAPPY dogs - they need engagement and loving attention. We've got this, fun for them, peace of mind for you!

Join The Fun Today

All dogs at our facility are small - under 30 lbs. They are temperament tested and socialized with dogs that run at their speed. Safety is always the top priority!