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Day Care

1. How We Do It! ⬇

Loving, Relaxed Day Care

There’s a place for your dog to chill, have fun, relax and be loved...with us!

Day Care dogs want to have a fun day but it's not always about go and learn and do, it's more about being comfortable and safe and loved. We share the experience of the day with your pup and they feel it.

Everything we do at Little Dogs is based on what's best for your dog. Find Out Today! We'll help you make the best decision for your baby.

Day Care

You want the BEST for your do we!

Dogs that LOVE day care want a slow paced day where they can reign supreme as "pillow toppers" who enjoy a more relaxed social time and friends. We make sure that the lower level activity is just right for your baby!

One of the things that makes your dog's experience unique with us is that we know the dogs tell us what they need…and we listen. They want companionship, security, safety matched to their needs!

We deliver love from a capable, competent staff.

We get right down on the dog's level and show them our love!

Giving love to your pups is our highest joy!

To Start Off Right…Something Free!

To Make It Easy...

Take the First Step Now!

Get Something FREE and See the Fun In Person!

We have an easy, two-step process for our prospective DaySchool clients...

1Step 1: As our way of starting the relationship with you and your pup on the right paw, we’d like to give you a FREE GIFT:
An eye opening article “Bad Dog or Bored Dog” that will help you understand your dog's behavior on a whole new level.


2 Step 2: Let's Meet! Come see how we do it. We call it a Meet & Greet! This time is set aside for us to meet you and for you to see the facility. We really want to get to know your hopes for your dog so we can customize the best plan of care for them. We’ll answer any questions you have and make it a snap to enroll in the program. You can see first hand how much FUN & Learning all the dogs are having and how our professional staff takes extra care to help your dog lead it's best life!

PLUS We are so sure you will love it here, when the tour is over we'll tell you how you can get a free day pass.

ORIf you'd like to learn more about what dog enrichment is and why it's the best way to have your dog live the life they want, check out how fun learning can be!


Day Care


How We Do It!


Step Two

Cuddles & Love!


Step Three

📅 Enrollment!