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What is Enrichment?

About The Magic We Create For Your Dog

What is Enrichment for Dogs?

"Babysitting" vs. Private School

Some facilities just "watch" your dog. They are like babysitters...or well-meaning lifeguards at the pool...they don't really do much, there's little to no engagement, and no one is learning anything. The job is just to keep your "kiddo" from drowning. While safety is our top priority, it's not nearly enough to meet the Little Dogs philosophy of care.

We're here to help your dog live the life they deserve. Learning the basics of obedience, kindness, getting along with others, manners and so much more!

Some background...Founded in 1999, Little Dogs Resort & Salon has had the honor of providing the finest CAGELESS boarding, grooming, and daycare exclusively for the most discerning little dogs in the Intermountain West. Our facility caters specifically to small breeds weighing less than 30 lbs. and whose temperaments are compatible with a group setting.

Born of a love for dogs living at their best, in 1999 Little Dogs began a mission to provide the finest cage-free Overnight Care, DayPlay, and Salon experience in Salt Lake City. We cater to specific small breeds weighing in at less than 30lbs and whose temperaments are compatible with a fun, engaging social setting.

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment for dogs is about engagement and custom plans of care, fun, and learning.

What is Enrichment?


Fine Dinning at Its Best!

What is Enrichment?

Being Social

Friends Are Fun!

What is Enrichment?

Feeling Loved

A Unique Plan for Each Guest!

What is Enrichment?

What We are Passionate About…

  • ⭐Cage-Free DayPlay / Enrichment / Accommodations

  • ⭐Amenities, Extras, and Fun!

  • ⭐Luxury Spa and Salon Grooming

  • ⭐4,000 sq. ft. indoor housing custom designed for the safety and comfort of every guest

  • ⭐Over half an acre of outdoor, secure, fenced land with luxurious natural grass, covered patios and a never-ending water bowl

  • ⭐Spacious luxury suites for dinning and rest

  • ⭐Socializing with other dogs in small temperament tested groups

  • ⭐Belly rubs, snuggling and fun with our highly credentialed staff

  • ⭐Supervised enrichment learning in the yards

  • ⭐Napping in luxury while listening to soothing, classical music

  • ⭐Individualized dietary care