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Ruth Shirah

About Ruth

Ruth Shirah, Co-Founder

An extraordinarily accomplished nurse educator and co-founder of Little Dogs Resort, Ruth Shirah, 76, passed away on Friday August 9th, 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ruth passed away peacefully at home after a short time on hospice. Her strength of mind was with her until the very end. She read until her last days. I continued to read to her until she passed. Ruth’s final wish was to “go out teaching” so she chose to donate her body to her alma mater, the University of Utah medical research program. She is survived by her children, friends and family.

At Little Dogs her legacy lives on. Care. Love. Attention to Detail.

As a nurse, educator, business owner and woman it was this combination of skills and character that helped create the idea and the reality of Little Dogs Resort.